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Tube laser

Modern tube lasers
At the heart of our business

New opportunities

The tube laser machining system increases productivity, flexibility and efficiency by means of new tube handling in conjunction with new mechanical solutions.

Strong performance

The key point of the laser is its high capacity for the entire diameter machining field. With the efficient combination of the new mechanical structure and new software, unique solutions are achievable.

Weld detection

The laser is equipped with optical weld detection for correct machining settings.

Irregular cross-sections and exposed profiles

Thanks to its effective and efficient machining of irregular cross-sections and exposed profiles, the laser is also suited to innovative applications.

Technical specification

Round tubeMin. diameter 12 mm – max. 220 mm
Square pipemax. 200 x 200 mm
Rod length loading8500 mm
Tube weightmax. 35 kg/m
Length of the unloader8500 mm
Laser source output3500W
SettingsFully automatic
Standard materialsSteel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys


With large tubes, three-dimensional machining is a crucial criterion for a system's capability. The laser has a 3D-head for angle cutting of the highest quality and greatest accuracy.

Keeping the inside of round parts clean

The laser has a lance device for extracting the cutting geometry inside the pipe.


  • Two automatic loading stations, front and back, both fitted with measuring sensors
  • Three possible loading designs available (bundle loader, loading table for rods placed individually by hand, step loader). Each loader can be connected with any pipe loading station


  • Four possible unloading positions for sorting the various, cut parts
  • Parts are supported by universal mounts during each step of production – for very high precision machining even of long, heavy and/or complex parts