Stone fence


By the stone fence system from T & K.A we offer a high quality and affordable solution for your garden. Applicable for perimeter protection as well as decorative elements and privacy fence the system provides a simple, fast and time saving installation with high stability and flexibility. The system offers a harmonious integration into the landscape. Filling the fence system with different types of stone is possible without any problems and offers a lot of individual design options.

The stone fence system is available in heights from 630 mm–2030 mm and depths of 120 mm or 200 mm. Installation into concrete will be done by following the local specified static calculations. The stone fence system is hot dipped galvanized, statically tested and due to the used strong double bar panel 8/6/8 and the distinctive post profile extremely sturdy.


Details Stone fence system

Rectangular steel tube profile 120/40/3 mm or 200/40/3 mm, hot dipped galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461, metal fixation clamps every 200 mm, fitted by means of a threaded sleeve, flat iron 40/5 mm, incl. screws M8x40 stainless steel hexagon socket screws (Allen screws). Additionally for each post 4 pcs or 8 pcs. (depending on height) one-way security screws (prevent unwanted dismantling of double bar panels), for stabilization with hooks for cross connection.

To make the installation easier we supply the stone wall system from a height of 1630 mm upwards with split panels. E.g stone wall height 1630 mm = 2 x 830 mm double bar panels/side.

PostsRectangular steel tubes 120/40/3 mm (Alu cap) or 200/40/3 mm (metal cap)
(Wall depth = 120 mm or 200 mm)
Metal fixation clamps every 200 mm
Flat iron 40/5 mm
Stone basketDouble bar panel 8/6/8
(Mesh size 50 x 200 mm)
Corrosion protectionBy means of hot dipped galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461

Key data

Wall height
Post length mmPost
120 mm
Weight kg
200 mm
Weight kg
Panel height*
Hooks for cross connection
630140013.9119.591 x 6306
830160016.2122.691 x 8306
1030180018.5425.841 x 103012
1230200021.5429.641 x 123012
1430220023.6732.581 x 143018
(clear height + ca. 100 mm)
240025.7235.442 x 83018
(clear height + ca. 100 mm)
260028.0638.581 x 830
1 x 1030
(clear height + ca. 100 mm)
280030.4041.722 x 103024

Panel width approx. 2510 mm, post length into ground approx. 800 mm

*Single panel fixation possible

Stone fence

Stone fence cover

Stone fence cover

For all heights we recommend our stone fence cover.
By installing this - the removal of single stones can be prevented.
(Please click the image to enlarge)

Privacy fence stone basket


The T&K.A privacy fence stone baskets offer a perfect symbiosis of a natural stone wall, a steel panel mesh fence and the conventional gabion. The baskets are manufactured to the highest quality standard, hot dipped galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and following the German GUVV regulations produced without sharp edges/corners. The baskets are extremely rigid and secure due to the double horizontal wires of 8 mm/single vertical wire of 6 mm and post sections 80/40/3 (height up to1400 mm incl.) and 100/40/3 mm ( height up to 2000 mm incl.). This construction makes additional bracing redundant and guarantees longevity. The T & K.A privacy fence stone baskets are a ready to use system, delivered for easy installation into concrete – additional screws are not needed in any way.

Details privacy fence stone baskets

MeasurementsWidth approx. 1010 mm, depth approx. 262 mm
height between 600 and 2000 mm
Posts80/40/3 mm - up to height of 1400 mm incl.,
100/40/3 mm - for heights between 1600 mm and 2000 mm
BasketWire 8/6/8, mesh size 50/200 mm
Corrosion protectionBy means of hot dipped galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461

Key data

Width mmHeight mmWeight kgPost section mmPost length into ground

Our quality

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All post profiles and foundation dimensions T&K.A. recommends comply with general structural requirements. They are not a substitute for the site-specific structural analysis as specified by construction supervision. This is to be provided by the customer.

Technical details are subject to change. Custom-made products, other RAL colors and dimensions on request.

By using our modern tube laser system, we can offer you exceptional solutions for any demand you may have. Please contact us!