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Gabion Fence
Debion Statix

Product Description

The DEBION STATIX gabion fence from Deutenberg is the effective solution for the issue of privacy screens. What makes the innovative concept of the gabion fence so effective is its simple modular principle, which makes it easy to mount the gabionfences on site without great effort.
If you want a seamless transition between two successive gabion fences, then the DEBION STATIX gabion fence is the perfect choice! The internal posts achieve a uniform appearance that further enhances the slim look. As a result, no appearance discontinuities can be seen.
The DEBION STATIX achieves additional stability thanks to the permanently welded spacers, which are located in the gabion at regular intervals.
System statics for the dimensions of the gabion system are available and if needed we’d be happy to provide you with them.

Corrosion protection: Hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461

Please note that the DEBION STATIX is not suitable for withstanding earth pressure!


  • Statics available
  • On Stock (short delivery time)
  • Construction kit principle
  • Easy construction
  • Seamless transition
  • Slim appearance
  • No optical discontinuities
  • High stability
  • Gabion baskets available in 1,0 m and 2,0 m length as well as 1,0 m up to 2,0 m height

Gabion Fence 1000 x 250 mm (W*D)

welded on sheet steel, piecewelded on distance holders, pieceart. dip galvanizedweight
1.00010/1046GA0001 16,32
1.20010/1247GA0002 19,02
1.40010/1448GA0003 22,00
1.60010/1648GA0004 24,35
1.80010/1848GA0005 27,01
2.00010/2049GA0006 29,69

Gabion Fence 2000 x 250 mm (W*D)

welded on sheet steel, piecewelded on distance holders, pieceart. dip galvanizedweight
1.00020/1049GA0007 28,53
1.20020/12411GA0008 33,52
1.40020/14413GA0009 38,51
1.60020/16413GA0010 43,41
1.80020/18413GA0011 48,33
2.00020/20415GA0012 53,33

Debion Statix Top panel

type  art. nr.welded on distance holdersweight
906*258DG10  GZ0005 1,80
1.906*258DG20  GZ0006 3,80

Debion Statix Post 60/40/4 mm for anchor bolting

type  art. dip galvanizedweight
453PF-A anchor boltingGZ0001 2,30
1.000PF-E setting in concreteGZ0002 3,10

Debion Statix Sets

 type  art. dip galvanized 
Dowel setDS anchor boltingGZ0003  
Small parts setKS both postsGZ0002  

Small parts set
8 x round head screw M10 x 25 mm (hexagon socket), 8 x nuts M10 and 8 x 10 washers

Dowel set
(4 x fischer bolt anchor FAZ II 12/10)

Our quality

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All post profiles and foundation dimensions T&K.A. recommends comply with general structural requirements. They are not a substitute for the site-specific structural analysis as specified by construction supervision. This is to be provided by the customer.

Technical details are subject to change. Custom-made products, other RAL colors and dimensions on request.

By using our modern tube laser system, we can offer you exceptional solutions for any demand you may have. Please contact us!